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A Real Patient’s Journey: From Chronic Pain, to Climbing Peaks After Cell Therapy

Discover one patient’s quest for the best in stem cell therapy, from marathon trials to mountain triumphs. 🏔️ Experience the life-altering potential of cutting-edge treatment in our patient’s own words—feeling pain-free, and full of hope. Join us for more stories of healing and subscribe for the latest in stem cell innovation.

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00:00 – Intro

00:02 – “I look at healthcare, not so much as just being in the United States, but to look globally.”

00:12 – “I had stem cells done in Thailand, it helped, but the quality and the details that you guys provide here is unbelievable.”

00:38 – “This is the place that I’d want to go.”

00:40 – “To see those stem cells coming from the lab, right into me in the same place … making sure that I get the best that’s possibly done because I’ve got one body.”

01:11 – “I need to make sure that I can get back because if I don’t have that ability to go out there and explore the outdoors, that’s basically taking my life away.”

01:19 – “This gives me hope.”

01:49 – “It’s incredible because it’s almost like going on a vacation package from beginning to right here at the end.”

02:07 – “My immediate relief was my neck was more released, I was able to go out and climb mountains. That’s the thing that I love, my hobbies.”

02:20 – “Now I was able to actually go up those mountains without having the pain.”

02:36 – “I felt like I am 20 years younger.”

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