Chronic Pain Video

A Chronic Illness Has Plagued This Teddy Bear With Unending Agony

Ted, short for the Teddy Bear he is, is plagued by a chronic disease that brings him unending agony each and every day…and without treatment, his suffering will never cease.

Ted is an 18-year-old Belgian gelding that we rescued in 2019. He came to us as a former plow horse who was on the brink of death by starvation. But, with a special diet and loving care, Ted has regained approximately 700 lbs. and is now a healthy, happy love bug! At 19 hands, Ted is the biggest boy in our stables but thinks he’s still a cuddly little foal. He would sit on your lap if you let him, but we don’t advise!

Unfortunately, beneath Ted’s cheerful demeanor, he has developed Sabulous Cystitis this year, a chronic urinary disease causing irritation and inflammation of the bladder wall, resulting in sludge buildup in the bladder. One of the symptoms is uncontrollable urine, which can cause scalding on the legs.

Following Ted’s diagnosis, he was treated at the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Vet New Bolton Center in June. Fortunately, the disease is not life-threatening but does cause constant irritation and pain for Ted. But, Ted is far too young and cuddly to put down in the prime of his life, but treatment will be expensive. In addition to his daily medications, Ted needs to return to the New Bolton Center every six months for a bladder lavage (cleanout) to help the bladder work correctly and keep him out of pain.

His semi-annual treatments and transportation to and from New Bolton will cost an estimated $4,000 yearly. That said, we ask that you please consider donating to his ongoing care and medical treatments to help us relieve his pain and suffering. Ted deserves to be the same happy horse from the inside and out; with your help, we can make that happen! We will keep you all updated on his progress, and we thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity!