Chronic Pain Video

5 Myths About Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a complex and often misunderstood condition that affects millions worldwide. In this video, we shatter five pervasive misconceptions that hinder effective management and recovery.
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🔥 Myth 1: Chronic Pain is Only in My Body
Discover the intricate interplay between the nervous system, brain, and psychological factors that amplify and perpetuate pain signals, even in the absence of ongoing tissue damage.
💊 Myth 2: You Only Need Meds
While medications can provide temporary relief, a comprehensive approach involving physical therapy, lifestyle modifications, and psychological interventions is crucial for long-term pain management.
🧠 Myth 3: It’s All in Your Head
Chronic pain has a real physical basis, often rooted in tissue damage or underlying medical conditions. Psychological factors influence pain perception, but dismissing chronic pain as imaginary is harmful and invalidating.
🌱 Myth 4: When It Heals, I Can Go On Like Before
Chronic pain can persist even after the initial injury or disease has healed, requiring ongoing management and adaptation to a new normal.
👥 Myth 5: There is One Standardized Way to Treat Everybody
Chronic pain is a highly individualized experience, and treatment plans must be tailored to each person’s specific needs and circumstances, addressing physical, psychological, and emotional aspects.

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Disclaimer: Pain.Pause.Live. is no substitute for a regular psychotherapy nor for medical treatment. We want to help you to gain and build up your quality of life despite chronic pain. If you suffer from chronic pain please turn to a doctor or a hospital for therapy.

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Our mission is to provide you with scientifically proven, cutting edge psychological knowledge so you can regain responsibility over the quality of your life and lead into a direction of sense and meaning. We know that you are the expert by your own means and want to provide you with the knowledge of the specialists so you can better deal with the chronic pain and side effects like anxiety and depression.

00:00 5 Myths about chronic pain
01:23 Pain is only in my body
02:25 You only need medication
03:01 Physiotherapy for chronic pain
03:49 It’s all in your head
04:22 Psychotherapy for chronic pain
04:52 When it heals I can go on like before
05:45 There is only one way to treat chronic pain

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