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4 Main Reasons Why a Keto Diet Provides Chronic Pain Relief

4 Main Reasons Why a Keto Diet Provides Chronic Pain Relief ❤️ The Keto Diet and Chronic Pain. Not only is safe and rapid weight loss a reality on the ketogenic diet but there are many other health benefits like chronic pain relief. Watch this video to the very end to find out the 4 main reasons why a keto diet can help provide chronic pain relief.

Other health benefits from a keto diet include lowered blood sugar levels, improved cholesterol and lipid panels, and increased insulin sensitivity.

Also, it’s been known to help with mood stabilization, increased energy, and mental function, as shown to be beneficial to those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, early dementia, diabetes, mental health disorders, and even some cancers.

The research so far has shown this to be a three-fold combination of ketogenic benefits which aid in neurological and other inflammatory conditions.

….the 4 basics of the ketogenic diet….how it can help with chronic pain relief.

#1. The Keto Diet: What is it and what are its key features?

(1) ….the….keto diet, is a carbohydrate-restricted way of eating.

(2) Instead of using sugar to provide the energy necessary for the body and brain, the body naturally switches over and uses ketones.

(3) Ketones are produced when carbohydrates….aren’t present…

(4) ….the body burns excess unwanted body fat, which is attractive to people wanting to lose weight.

(5) On the keto diet, followers are recommended to limit carbs and to get adequate protein and high healthy fats on a 5%-25%-70% caloric ratio, respectively.

(6) ….the ratio demonstrates the vast majority of calories are ingested from healthy fats.

(7) ….healthy fats have more than twice the calories of carbohydrates or proteins gram for gram.

(8) There are 9 calories per gram of fat versus 4 calories per gram of carbs and proteins.

(9) ….don’t fall into the trap of relying on calorie count as a measurement of losing weight…

(10) Many foods….will likely not be included in a keto diet, and could also be causing you inflammation and pain.

#2. What to Eat?

Many keto-approved foods are both delicious and satiating.

(1) Good fats: Avocado, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, full-fat dairy, and eggs…

(2) Above-ground vegetables: The best choices with the least amount of carbs are dark, leafy greens (spinach, kale, etc.), and broccoli…

(3) Nuts are a good source of both fat and protein…

(4) Fruits should be limited to berries…

(5) Lean meats…

(6) Shellfish is another great option…

#3. What NOT to Eat? Keep things simple.

Stay away from processed and ultra-processed foods…

#4. The 4 Key Benefits of The Keto Diet on Chronic Pain:

(1) Less Weight, Less Pain:

….probably the main reason most people go on the keto diet, is weight loss….and….less pressure on painful joints…

(2) Adenosine:

Adenosine is the body’s naturally-produced anti-inflammatory analgesic….shown those who maintain a state of ketosis also have higher levels of adenosine.

(3) Sugar-Free:

Ingested sugar, which is highly inflammatory, sets off the insulin alarms to help get the sugar to the cells that need energy.

….when there is leftover sugar roaming around….it is turned into body fat.

(4) Improved Cellular Health:

A diet full of antioxidant polyphenols and omega-3 fatty acids helps to restore your cellular health….to a safer acute inflammatory state.

Summary and Conclusion:

Chronic pain is a symptom…

…., the option of obtaining pain relief is by getting drugs and medication prescribed by your local doctor….never cures the problem, and usually compounds it, because all chemical drugs….have side effects.

All illnesses, ailments, and non-communicable diseases have inflammation at the core…

By being on a ketogenic diet, not only are you helping your body to rid itself of unwanted poisons and chronic inflammation, but you’re also helping to improve your overall health.

A keto diet, therefore, is a great option for most people with unlimited benefits.


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4 Main Reasons Why a Keto Diet Provides Chronic Pain Relief ❤️