Chronic Pain Video

4 Fast Facts About Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is no joke, but there are things you can do to find relief. Discover how as Dr. Mike and Dr. Crystal reveal four fast facts about chronic pain.

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Hey, how about four things for chronic pain?

First, let’s talk about food. Food is information given to the body to tell the body either to have pain or not have pain.

For example: sugar, more pain. Fatty fish, less pain.

Stretching and exercise. Now, only do these things when your body is ready, but I like them for two reasons:

Number one, they act as a stressor in the body that can initiate healing, and they release endorphins.

Now consider a nutrient, PEA. It’s a type of fat produced naturally in the body and it targets immune cells that produce pro-inflammatory pain-causing mediators. And then there’s honokiol. It’s an extract from magnolia trees that goes to the brain and binds to GABA receptors, giving you that feel-good feeling.

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