Chronic Pain Video

21 Days of Patching – Day 10: Real Pain Relief – Naturally! #naturalpainrelief

Who likes being in pain? No one does! And on day 10 whether you have pain in your shoulder, knees, back or anywhere else, Icewave will help you naturally relieve chronic or acute pain with our patented Icewave patch containing no drugs, stimulants or addictive chemicals.

There are 2 patches here, a tan negative and white positive patch. You place the tan patch on the spot of pain and with the white patch you place about 3 inches from the tan patch and like hands of a clock, start at 12 o’clock wait and minute and check your pain. Move on to 3 o’clock wait a minute and check you pain until you are back at 12 o’clock and place the patch in the spot you felt the most relief.

Keep watching this series for even more Icewave placement suggestions for neuropathy and all over chronic pain.

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Disclaimer: Our patches are based on the theory of phototherapy. The patches are not proven based on traditional medicine standards and should not be used in place of medical care.