Pain Management Video

135 – Cervical Trauma and Pain Management

Dr. Carol and Kim Pittis discuss various patient treatment scenarios using Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM).

They highlight the importance of thorough patient history, imaging, and physical exams in diagnosing and treating conditions such as bone marrow edema, knee injuries, sleep apnea, and empty sella syndrome.

Listen to detailed case studies, including the treatment of a teenage hockey player with a thigh injury, and explore how to adapt treatment strategies when initial hypotheses do not yield the expected results.

Additionally, the conversation touches on the psychological aspect of treating adolescent athletes and the complexities of endocrine disorders.

00:24 Mindset and Mental Wellbeing Course Insights
01:27 Patient Case Study: Cervical Trauma and Pain Management
05:41 Understanding Spinal Cord and Leg Tightness
06:20 Personal Medical History and Treatment Insights
10:19 FSM Treatment Techniques and Case Studies
23:17 Exploring Hip Flexor and Related Conditions
30:12 Adapting Treatment Approaches and Flexibility of Mind
31:33 Case Introduction: Dislocated Patella
33:25 MRI Results and Analysis
34:49 Understanding Bone Marrow Edema
37:32 Psychological Impact on Teen Athletes
45:16 Sleep Apnea and Neurological Factors
49:03 Case Report: Hockey Player Injury
52:34 Endocrinology and Pituitary Issues
55:30 Q&A and Closing Remarks