Chronic Pain Video

10 Min NSDR for Chronic Pain l Deep Relaxation Meditation l Yoga Nidra l 432 HZ meditation music

Welcome to this 10 MIN Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) practice for chronic pain management. NSDR– also called Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep– is a type of meditation to help guide you into the deepest states of conscious relaxation.

I will begin by introducing you to the practice and giving a brief explanation as to how NSDR can help alleviate pain. Then I will guide you through 10 minutes of focused perception and breathing in order to help your body relax deeply. This is a great practice to help manage chronic pain, as well as help counter balance sleep deficits and regulate the nervous system.

This practice has 423 HZ Healing Frequency Meditation music in the background. (Certain frequencies resonate better with our bodies wavelengths than others, so certain frequency music is thought to help facilitate quicker healing.)


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**As always, please consult with your healthcare professional before trying new practices.