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πŸ’₯S2E14:πŸ’”Join the Fight: Rescue Intractable Pain Refugees from Certain DEAth! #sos #help #urgent πŸ™πŸΌβš“πŸ’œ

Why is the existence of intractable pain denied when it’s blatantly obvious?
Chronic pain isn’t just chronic pain. Listen up! Intractable pain is serious! And it’s being covered up!
We are so excited that #wikipedia has recognized it, though!
We have some states who’ve finally decided that we who endure severe intractable pain are worth protecting.
Thank you to all who contributed to the laws passed in: CALIFORNIA, COLORADO, FLORIDA, NEW JERSEY, TEXAS, VIRGINIA, MAINE, ARKANSAS and WASHINGTON STATE!!!

In this episode of @DocToks we’re talking about torture of already pained patients. Specifically, we’re discussing the ludicrously misdirected use of bupe (or bupropion), and ldn (or low dose naltrexone) for intractable pain patients being forced to stop their stable pain pumps.

Are these drugs being used to torture patients?
Yes, that’s right…these drugs are being used to manage chronic pain in patients who are already stable on all other treatments, and the patients are suffering in ways one never could have imagined.
In this episode, we’re discussing these medications and how they’re being used to mistreat and torture patients, including ultra-rapid metabolizers!
Dr. Tennant and Dr. Ibsen are absolutely on fire in this episode!

βš“This cover-up must be EXPOSED, so SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE!!!!!!!

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Join the Fight: Rescue Intractable Pain Refugees from Certain Death! #sos #help #urgent πŸ™πŸΌβš“πŸ’œ
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